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best selling automatic laying cage
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Product Description

  • Model No.: h&A
  • Packaging: All the component of the cage will be in partial packing, and then you can install them easily. We also can pack according to your requests.
  • Brand Name: allround
  • Place of Origin: china
  • Certification: ISO 9001:2008




One Unit

One cage

A type-3tier-144 commercial layer cage

2065 x 2005 x 1880mm

2065 x 500 x (456-400mm)

A type-4tier-192 commercial layer cage

2065 x 2315 x 2500mm

2065 x 500 x (456-400mm)

H type-3tier-216 commercial layer cage

2600x 1580 x 1950mm

H type-4tier-288 commercial layer cage

2600 x 1580 x 2550mm

H type-5tier-360 commercial layer cage

2600 x 1580 x 3150mm

H type-6tier-432 commercial layer cage

2600 x 1580 x 3750mm

H type-3tier-240 broiler rearing cage

2100 x 1250 x 2275mm

H type-4tier-320 broiler rearing cage

2100 x 1250 x 3000mm

H type-5tier-400 broiler rearing cage

2100 x 1250 x 3635mm


Advantages of trolley feeding system

1. Hot-dipped galvanized material, make the durability 15-20 years, never go rustiness. 

2. Each row has an independent feeding machine, easy to operate, and the maintenance rate is very low.  

3. Full-automatic control, greatly labor-saving, one person can feeding all the birds in 10-15 minutes.


Advantages hopper feeding system   

1. Dynamic feeder guarantees the equal feeding, and the feeding quantity can be adjusted on the basis of chicken`s growth.  

2. Full-automatic control, greatly labor-saving, one person can feed all the birds in 10-15 minutes.   

3. Hot-dipped galvanized material, make the durability 15-20 years, never go rustiness.   


Advantages automatic egg-collection system  

1. Transporting the eggs from every layer to the egg storage directly, workers only need to pick up the eggs in the storage, greatly labor saving.                                                                                      

 2. Constant speed, stable, solid and durable. High quality egg conveyor belt.                                         

 3. Latest macromolecule material, with good strength and plasticity, make the egg-damage rate as low as 0.05%. 


Advantages of manure removal system

1. Transporting the chicken manure to the truck directly, ensure good environment of the chicken house.                                                                                      

2. Hot-dipped galvanized scraper blade, the durability is 15-20 years, never go rustiness.                                                

3. The material of the crosswise conveyer belt is import corrosion protection PU/PE/silica gel, no transformation.


Advantages of dinking system  

1. Reasonable design, the water follow can be adjusted completely according to the water requirement of chickens. As a result, the manure is dry and convenient to move, ensure good environment of the chicken house. 

2. High quality suck nipple, no water leaking.  

3. High quality water pipe never burst in winter. 

4. The height of young chicken cage's water pipe can be adjusted according to the growth of chicken.    

5. Medicine can be added to the drinking  system. 


Advantages of Ventilation and cooling system 

1. The ventilation system consists of the tunnel fans and cooling pad, make the temperature about 20-27°C all the year round. 

2. Fully automatic electric control, the running of the fans is according to the temperature in the chicken house. When the temperature is higher than about 30°C in summer, all the fans will run by themselves. And when the temperature is lower than about 20°C, most of fans will stop, only two fans are left for ventilation. Along with the temperature raising, the quantity of running fans will change automatically, and the limited temperature can be set by yourself.

3. The air holes help to ventilate in winter, and all the cooling pad and fans can be shut off.                          

4. The cooling pad is made of high quality paper, it's very durable and Corrosion resistance.                             
5. Stainless steel fans with high quality.


Advantages of electric control and alarming system  

1. Different kinds of protective device such as Power failure alarm, over heated alarm, open phase alarm and under voltage alarm. 

2. When the conditions happen in point 2,it can send messages to 5 different persons automatically.


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